The upper house of the Swiss parliament approved the re-export of weapons to Ukraine

The Council of Cantons (the upper house of the Swiss parliament) approved an amendment to the law allowing the re-export of weapons to Ukraine. Twenty-two MPs supported the decision, 17 voted against, and four abstained.

As specified in press release, the validity of declarations on non-re-export of received weapons should be limited to five years. Among other conditions: the country is not involved in the conflict, does not allow serious violations of human rights, “does not exercise the right to self-defense.”

Now the National Council (lower house of parliament) of Switzerland must vote on the amendment. When a similar initiative was considered in February, the lower house voted against it.

In March, Parliament suspended consideration of a proposal to allow European countries to supply Ukraine with weapons and ammunition produced in Switzerland. That same month, parliamentarians delayed consideration of any changes to re-export rules until May. In May, the profile commission considered it possible to re-export, subject to a number of conditions.

Read about what happens after the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine in the online broadcast of Kommersant.

Laura Keffer


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