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The UOC-MP was completely banned in Galicia – EADaily – Russia. Ukraine. News. 06/14/2022. News 14.06.2022. Russia Ukraine. Ukraine Russia. Russian news. News of Ukraine. Russia Ukraine news. Russia news.


The Lviv Regional Council by a majority of votes approved a complete ban on the activities of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate in the region. The UOC-MP is banned for “collaborationism in favor of Russia.”

“We all remember very well how the servants of the Moscow Patriarchate have opposed the sovereignty of Ukraine in recent years. Under the cover of the leadership of the UOC-MP in 2014, the annexation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea took place. Since the same 2014, Russian armed militants and sabotage and reconnaissance groups have been hiding in the places of worship of the UOC-MP in the Donbass, seizing our territories and killing Ukrainians,” the leadership of the Lviv Regional Council said in a statement.

It is noteworthy that the Lviv deputies called the last clear evidence of the betrayal of Ukraine by the UOC-MP… the statement of the hierarchy of the UOC-MP that the special military operation of Russia is supposedly a “fratricidal war.” According to the deputies, if there were “real patriots” in the UOC-MP, they would say that the war of Ukraine against Russia is “a holy war of the Ukrainian people against the centuries-old aggressor.” The Lviv Regional Council charged the UOC-MP with the fact that since 2014 not a single well-known punisher of the “ATO” – “OOS” has come out of the bosom of canonical Ukrainian Orthodoxy. As an example of “traitors”, the deputies set the Greek Catholic Church, whose priests since 2014 have been chaplains of the “Right Sector” (the organization is banned in the Russian Federation), the most brutal militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass.

“Despite the resolutions of the UOC-MP on May 27, where the UOC-MP announced that it condemns Russia’s position on the war in Ukraine and is completely independent of Moscow, we believe that the UOC-MP remains connected with Russia both legally and in fact. We demand a complete ban on the UOC-MP throughout Ukraine,” the Lviv Regional Council said in an appeal to Vladimir Zelensky.

It should be noted that the head of the Lviv diocese of the UOC-MP, Metropolitan Filaret (Kucherov) completely loyal to the Nazi ruling circles in Western Ukraine since 2014. According to the Ukrainian Orthodox press, Kucherov is more often seen at Russophobic meetings of Uniates than in the society of Lviv Russophiles persecuted by local authorities. In early March, Filaret caused a new schism in Ukrainian Orthodoxy, refusing to commemorate the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia at the service. Kirill.

We also recall that for the support of the schismatic Filaret (Denisenko), church separatism and mistreatment of clerics and laity was expelled from the Odessa diocese of the UOC in 1992 by the archbishop Lazarus (Shvets) is the current Metropolitan of Crimea and Simferopol.


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