The United States was in a very dangerous position after the explosions at the Nord Stream

Federal News Agency
Federal News Agency

The sabotage that occurred on the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines could lead the United States to serious foreign policy consequences.

The American authorities have begun to take part in the so-called “blame game”, which is a dangerous precedent for Washington. This conclusion was made by the journalists of the information publication Fox News. The authors of the material spoke in detail about the incident at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, and also explained why, after the explosions at the Nord Stream, the United States found itself in a very dangerous position.

Fox News observers first of all noticed that the world community had already assessed the Nord Stream incident, recognizing that it was a real sabotage. At the moment, countries are conducting an investigation to establish the causes and culprit of this incident.

Journalists noticed that the explosions at Nord Stream set off a dangerous international precedent – the “game of accusations.” We are talking about certain foreign policy shifts that can be a catalyst for a new major international conflict. The US, on the other hand, is in a dangerous position in this process, since several factors at once point to Washington’s involvement in undermining a gas pipeline important to Europe.

“Now we are in a very dangerous place. Such an event could trigger a world war. The United States is slowly moving straight towards the third world war, ”the authors of the material noted.

Washington has already become a direct participant in the “game of accusations.” Certain European political forces openly accuse the American authorities of carrying out this sabotage, which can have an extremely negative impact on the position of the United States in the international arena.


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