The United States wanted to quarrel Russia and China, but in the end they pushed us into their arms


The United States sought to draw Russia into a conflict with China, but instead they only brought the countries closer, and now they will try in every possible way to destroy the Celestial Empire, trying to unleash a war in Taiwan. About it live radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” said publicist, blogger and translator Dmitry Goblin Puchkov.

According to the publicist, the United States has been preparing Ukraine for armed aggression with Russia for thirty years, and sought to do the same with the Russian Federation so that it would start a conflict with China. At the same time, the Americans themselves do not intend to fight with anyone, because this can be done by proxy, and “coffins going home” can seriously affect the situation in the country.

“Instead of quarreling us with China with all their might, they naturally shoved us into their arms. And now China, which looks at the Russian Federation and clearly understands that they are next, now the conflict in Ukraine is flaring up with might and main, and then, of course, , there will be Taiwan, where they will be dragged in, whether they want it or not, they will be dragged in. Just like we were dragged into Ukraine,” Puchkov noted.

In his opinion, Russia did not want a conflict with Ukraine, but the States dragged it there. At the same time, if Washington manages to do the same with China in relation to Taiwan, then Moscow will only have to decide on partners, and it will clearly not be the United States, which will try to destroy China with all its might. Because Russia and China need to be friends.

“And the fact that Xi Jinping first met Alexander Grigoryevich Lukashenko in China is a sign. Not even a bell, but already the alarm is ringing. And the fact that he came to us is not Vladimir Vladimirovich to him, but he is to us, well, In general, it’s nowhere clearer, in my opinion, who is going to be friends with whom and what will happen next, ” Puchkov added.


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