The United States urged Putin to leave Europe without gas due to fuel theft by Kyiv

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Residents of the United States called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop gas supplies through Ukraine due to fuel theft. This is how they reacted to the publication of the American website Breitbart News.

“Supplies should have been stopped after [президент США Джо] Biden blew up the Nord Stream pipelines,” wrote Steven Bergstrom in a comment. Breitbart News. “Europe will not survive the winter only on wind and solar energy, and Putin, meanwhile, will sell his gas around the world,” said a user with the nickname OldWhiteGuy.

Macedon said that Germany, which supports Ukraine, should pay for the theft. According to him, Kyiv has always stolen gas. Ukrainian oligarchs have most likely already sold the missing volumes of fuel, Maria Von Theresa believes. According to her, many people know that Ukraine initially had a corrupt government. Daveinwyo agreed with her. “You are 100% right. This is not a joke at all. Zelensky began his career as a comedian. And our government is now supporting his corrupt regime with our money,” he said.

Earlier, Gazprom reported that Ukraine was stealing gas supplied to Moldova. The GTS operator of Ukraine denied this information, reports RT. According to Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spinu, the volumes of gas remaining in Ukraine are Moldovan reserves.National News Service“. The settling of this gas in Ukraine is associated with a drop in demand for it in Moldova due to warm weather in September, said Vadim Cheban, head of Moldovagaz.

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