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The United States took “under its control” all the diplomatic departments of Afghanistan


The US authorities took control of the Afghan embassy in Washington and the Afghan consulates in two US states. This was announced today, May 18, at the State Department, explaining that they take on “sole responsibility” for the security and maintenance of diplomatic missions, their “furniture, archives and financial assets.”

In addition, now no one will be able to enter the Afghan diplomatic missions without the permission of the State Department. The move comes after the State Department decided that the embassies and consulates in Little Neck, New York, and Beverly Hills, California, “officially ceased diplomatic and consular activities in the United States” at noon on May 16.

Washington does not recognize the Taliban government in Afghanistan, which announced the resumption of the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan” after the actual flight of the troops of the Western coalition led by the United States in August 2021.

The State Department spokesman explained that the move itself does not indicate any change in policy towards Afghanistan. The facilities were taken over under an agreement with diplomats from the former Afghan government, who faced “serious financial difficulties that made the continued operation of the missions unsustainable.”

As reported EADaily , shortly after the withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan, the US blocked about $ 7 billion in its bank accounts belonging to the Afghan Central Bank. Washington refused to give back the funds to the country, where the economy is collapsing and half of the population is starving.


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