The United States spent 96% of the funds allocated to help Ukraine – Kommersant

The US authorities have exhausted 96% of the $60 billion allocated to help Ukraine since the start of hostilities. This was announced by the coordinator for strategic communications at the National Security Council, John Kirby.

“If we consider all the funds, more than $60 billion, that we have allocated to help Ukraine since the beginning of hostilities there, then we have spent about 96%. We are talking about money not only for military assistance, but also for financial and economic support, humanitarian aid,” John Kirby said at a briefing, as quoted by website White House.

If we talk only about military assistance, then, according to John Kirby, the United States has spent more than 90% of the funds. The Pentagon now has approximately $1.1 billion left for these purposes.

US President Joe Biden is asking Congress to allocate another $61.4 billion in aid to Ukraine. Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Secretary of State Antony Blinken also insist on this.

It is assumed that assistance to Ukraine will be included in the amount of $106 billion, together with assistance to Israel and Taiwan. However, the House of Representatives proposes to split the aid and consider aid to Israel as a priority.

Read more about the situation in the Kommersant article “Congressmen separated Israel from Ukraine.”

Anastasia Larina

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