The United States saw in the arms of Putin and Xi Jinping a threat to Washington

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Xi Jinping’s visit to Russia

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s embrace with Russian President Vladimir Putin has embarrassed the Washington government, as the gesture seems to symbolize that the United States can easily lose credibility in international diplomacy. This was stated by Thomas Graham, an American political scientist, former adviser to US President George W. Bush on Russia and Eurasia, director of the Russian department at the US National Security Council.

“Xi Jinping’s embrace with Russian President Vladimir Putin made it clear that China is an influential and authoritative peacemaker, [который намерен повлиять на ход спецоперации]. Also, this gesture symbolized that America could easily lose its place as the undisputed leader in international diplomacy,” Thomas Graham expressed his opinion. Newsweek.

President of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) Xi Jinping arrived in Moscow on March 20. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov reported that the topic of the meeting would be the discussion of the peace plan for Ukraine. The leaders of the two powers met in the Kremlin at 16:30 Moscow time. Their informal meeting lasted longer than 4.5 hours.


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