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The United States said that China does not provide military assistance to Russia


The US has not yet seen China provide military assistance to Russia in connection with the conflict in Ukraine, but Beijing is supporting Moscow by other means. This was stated on Saturday by Director of National Intelligence Avril Haynes, speaking at a forum organized in California by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation.

“China continues to play both sides. That is, they continue to work with Russia on a number of issues, continue contacts, find an opportunity to support Russia on international platforms, help them cope somehow, provide support in various forms,” she said.

“At the same time, we have not seen anything that would indicate military support, but some borderline things are troubling us, and we will of course continue to monitor this,” Haynes added.

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin On February 24, he announced a special military operation in Ukraine in response to the request of the leaders of the Donbass republics for help. The West then imposed large-scale sanctions against Russia and increased the supply of weapons and military equipment to Kyiv by billions of dollars.

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