The United States recognized the country’s inability to sponsor Ukraine and Israel at the same time

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Armed conflict between Israel and the Gaza Strip

Washington is unable to simultaneously support the war between Palestine and Israel and the conflict in Ukraine. Journalist David Andelman, who specializes in materials on military conflicts, spoke about this.

“The United States cannot support two major military conflicts while simultaneously preparing for the possibility of a third,” David Andelman emphasized. His words are conveyed TV channel CNN. The journalist noted that in addition to resolving the conflict in the Middle East and the situation in Ukraine, the United States is preparing for a potential war with China over the island of Taiwan. Also, a third party may intervene in the conflict with Palestine and Israel, the observer concluded.

Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized that the United States is to blame for the conflict between Palestine and Israel. Russia is helping to resolve the conflict by maintaining contacts with each side of the conflict. Other countries are also getting involved in the war in the Middle East. Among them, for example, Egypt. Russia supports Palestine in creating independence, reports RT. Israel announced a “long war”, reports “National News Service.”


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