The United States is interested in maintaining the START-3 treaty

FBA “Economy Today”

The US Embassy in Russia reported that America is interested in maintaining the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START-3) and continues to adhere to the central provision of the agreement.

The embassy said that, with the exception of the transfer to the Russian side of key data on its nuclear forces under START-3 twice a year, it continues to fully comply with all the provisions of the treaty, including central restrictions, – write News.

According to Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Ryabkov, such an act by the United States is another violation of the agreement, since they should have withdrawn from it, or, in accordance with the rules, suspended the agreement, as the Russian side did.

The US Embassy in Russia added that for the sake of America’s strategic stability, they will continue to promote public transparency regarding the position and levels of their nuclear forces.

Earlier, the Pentagon announced Russia’s refusal to exchange information under the New START.


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