The United States is going to return to dialogue with the Russian Federation on arms control

The head of the US Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration, Jill Hruby, said the United States would like to return to “real discussions and negotiations” with Russia on arms control.

“We know that the arms control regime is not in the best shape. We know that strategic stability is not where we would like it to be. We would like to return to real discussions on arms control. We would like to return to dialogue on strategic security issues,” Ms. Hruby said in interview publication of the Arms Control Association.

At the same time, the American official drew attention to the fact that at present “there is a lack of a positive atmosphere for a real dialogue with Moscow on these topics.”

The US authorities have recently made a number of proposals to Russia for interaction and dialogue in the field of reducing nuclear risks and arms control. Among other things, they expressed their readiness to invite Russian observers to subcritical tests at their nuclear facilities, as well as to discuss the framework of agreements for the period after 2026, when the bilateral Treaty on Strategic Offensive Arms expires. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs responds by saying that the current situation in bilateral relations between Russia and the United States “is not conducive to dialogue on such sensitive issues.”

Read more in the interview with Kommersant with Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergei Ryabkov.

Alexander Kislov

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