The United States introduced restrictions against 7 individuals and 3 legal entities for exporting electronics to the Russian Federation

The US Department of Commerce has imposed export restrictions on seven individuals and three legal entities. They are accused of illegally exporting dual-use electronics to Russia, including to Russian companies cooperating with the Russian Armed Forces. Among the persons subject to restrictions are four Russians, it follows from statements Bureau of Industrial and Security Affairs of the United States, part of the Department of Commerce.

According to the bureau’s statement, the export restrictions included:

  • Nikolay Goltsev (Canadian citizen);
  • Salimjon Nasriddinov (USA);
  • Kristina Puzyreva (Canada);
  • Vladimir Bochkarev (Russia);
  • Pavel Chernikov (Russia);
  • Ekaterina Vetoshkina (Russia);
  • Oleg Zhenchenko (Russia);
  • SH Brothers Group (registered in the USA);
  • SN Electronics (USA);
  • Suntronic FZE (UAE).

October 31 US Department of Justice reported about the arrest of 37-year-old Nikolai Goltsev, 32-year-old Kristina Puzyreva, and 52-year-old Salimjon Nasriddinov. They are accused of illegally conspiring to organize the supply of dual-use electronics to Russia through two shell companies in Brooklyn – SH Brothers Group and SN Electronics.

The bureau’s statement alleges that the front companies exported more than $7 million worth of electronics to Russia. According to the bureau, some components supplied to the Russian Federation by SH Brothers Group were found in captured Russian weapons, including missiles, helicopters and UAVs. The statement alleges that the companies sent electronics to intermediary companies in Turkey, India, China and the UAE, from where they were redirected to Russia. Suntronic FZE was one such intermediary, the bureau said.

On November 2, the US Department of Commerce introduced export restrictions against 12 Russian companies and one company from Uzbekistan for promoting the Russian military complex and the production of drones. According to the department, the companies (their names are not given) provided assistance to the Russian military-industrial complex, in particular, they purchased or developed drones.

Erdni Kagaltynov

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