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The United States does not intend to include Russia in the list of countries sponsoring terrorism


The US authorities do not intend to include Russia in their list of countries sponsoring terrorism, believing that this will lead to a number of negative consequences. In particular, as the country’s permanent representative to the OSCE Michael Carpenter said on Tuesday, such a move could hinder the grain deal.

“Unlike many countries in Europe, we have very specific domestic legislation regarding state sponsors of terrorism. We believe that the use of this legislation will limit our ability to provide humanitarian assistance to occupied parts of Ukraine, as well as to facilitate other actions that we believe are in the interests of both Ukraine and the United States, such as the grain deal,” he said at the briefing.

“Furthermore, we do not believe that listing the Russian Federation will further our goals of holding Russia accountable, as it does not necessarily give us any additional powers in terms of imposing sanctions over what is already available to the administration,” Carpenter said.

According to him, Washington intends to “continue to increase sanctions pressure on the Russian Federation”, consider opportunities for tightening the export control regime against Moscow, “close any loopholes” in the existing restrictions, and also continue to provide military assistance to Kyiv, considering this approach the most an effective way to support Ukraine.

The White House emphasized in September that the US administration’s decision not to include Russia on the US list of countries sponsoring terrorism is final. Kyiv appealed to Washington to include Russia in it. Similar proposals were made by a number of members of Congress. Official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova previously called these initiatives “a measure of an idiotic nature.” The diplomat warned that such US steps would not go unanswered by Russia.

The said list may include states that, in Washington’s opinion, have “repeatedly supported acts of international terrorism.” The American administration has broad powers in terms of imposing sanctions against the persons on the list. The US Department of the Treasury can take action against those legal entities and individuals, as well as states that trade with countries on the list. The list currently includes Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Syria.

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