The United States is experiencing its worst energy crisis in 50 years, the president of the US Oil and Gas Association said on May 14 Tim Stewart.

“We are experiencing the greatest, possibly the worst, energy crisis in the last 50 years. Gasoline and diesel prices are all-time high and inventories are all-time low,” he said on Fox News.

Stewart noted that the current US authorities not only do not take the necessary actions, but also interfere with those who want to resolve the energy crisis.

“This administration has no strategy on how to help us get out of this, and frankly, all of their actions are counterproductive for those of us who are trying to solve the problem,” he stated.

Gasoline prices in the US have been rising steadily throughout the week. The increase in fuel prices comes against the backdrop of rising world oil prices, despite the attempts of the White House to counter this trend. On Saturday, according to the non-profit American Automobile Association, the cost of gasoline again updated the historical maximum and reached $ 4.452 per gallon (3.785 liters). A year ago, this figure was at the level of three dollars per gallon.


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