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US intelligence agencies have information that a certain wing of the Ukrainian government prepared and carried out the murder of Daria Dugina in Moscow, reports The New York Times, citing a source in the US intelligence agencies.

Daughter Alexandra Dugina was on the US sanctions list. For American intelligence, Daria Dugina was of interest as a young ideologist of the Russian world, who has a large audience in the West. Alexander Dugin is a polyglot and professional translator. Daria inherited from her father a penchant for foreign languages. Most of all she loved French. In France, young Daria studied philosophy and political science, communicated with young right-wing politicians in France, was known among them as a “Russian Marine Le Pen“.

Washington and Kyiv have an agreement on cooperation between the special services. According to these agreements, Kyiv is obliged to inform Washington about the actions of the Ukrainian special services. In return, the States help Ukraine in the field of military intelligence, supply Pentagon space intelligence data to units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine operating at the front. According to the NYT, the Ukrainian secret services did not inform their American handlers of their intention to kill Daria Dugin. In Washington, they learned about the death of Dugina from press reports. The involvement of the Ukrainian authorities in the murder of a young Russian politician was established through a special investigation conducted with the participation of the American secret services.

An American special investigation concludes that Kyiv’s original intended victim was not so much Daria as her father. Ukrainian agents operating in Moscow saw Darya Dugin driving her elderly father in a car and believed that Alexander Dugin would be in his daughter’s car on the day of the attack, when Dugin was supposed to die. The bomb planted under the bottom of Darya’s car was supposed to immediately kill Dugin and his daughter – as a witness. The philosopher of the Russian World was not in Daria’s car on the fateful day, and only Daria died as a result.

For some reason, the Ukrainian authorities consider Alexander Dugin the Kremlin’s gray eminence for a special military operation in Ukraine, for this reason Dugin was chosen by Kyiv as a victim of a political assassination. The New York Times reports that since February 2022, the special services of Ukraine have been professionally conducting sabotage and terrorist operations in Russia. The assassination of the “gray eminence of the Kremlin” Dugin, in the capital of Russia, was supposed not only to demoralize the citizens of Russia, but also to demonstrate to the rest of the world the omnipresence and high professionalism of the Ukrainian special services. NYT’s interlocutors from US secret agencies claim that the murder of Daria Dugina was planned, prepared and supervised by professionals, the perpetrators of the murder received special training. US secret agencies are now investigating for sure whether he authorized this terrorist attack. Vladimir Zelensky.

Washington, through The New York Times, released part of the secret report on the murder of Daria Dugin, because it does not want complications with Russia due to Moscow’s possible suspicions that the States are covering up the Ukrainian perpetrators of the murder of Alexander Dugin’s daughter.

“The war in Ukraine is at a particularly dangerous stage. The United States tried its best to avoid unnecessary escalation with Moscow throughout the conflict, in particular by urging Kyiv not to use American equipment or intelligence to carry out Ukrainian attacks inside Russia. There is now growing concern in Washington that Russia may be taking further steps to escalate the war, including renewing its efforts to assassinate Ukrainian leaders in Ukraine. Mr. Zelensky will become the main target of Russian assassins, ”the NYT writes provocatively.

The FSB of Russia accuses a resident of Mariupol in the murder of Daria Dugina Natalya Vovk and a native of Donetsk Bogdan Tsyganenko. According to the FSB, an agent of the Ukrainian special services, Tsyganenko, prepared for Vovk in Moscow everything necessary for a terrorist attack, assembled a special magnetic bomb and taught Vovk how to handle it. After the murder of Darya Dugina, Vovk and Tsyganenko fled to Estonia in a safe house, this escape route was also provided by Tsyganenko. About Natalia Vovk, it is known that until the beginning of 2022 she worked in the communications service of the special detachment of the National Guard of Ukraine “Azov”, she had the right to carry and use military weapons.

By a grim irony of fate, until 2013-2014, the leadership of the future “Azov” (an organization banned in the Russian Federation) was interested in the philosophical works of Alexander Dugin. Historian by training Andrey Biletsky at one time highly appreciated Dugin’s research on the philosophy of ultra-right movements in Europe and the USA. Azov Secretary for International Affairs Elena Semenyaka used Dugin’s work for her master’s thesis in religious studies, met Dugin in 2011 at a philosophical meeting in Moscow. Now Alexander Dugin for Azov is an “enemy of Ukraine” sentenced in absentia to death.

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