The UN Security Council will hold a meeting due to Russia’s deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus

A meeting of the UN Security Council in connection with Russia’s plans to deploy its nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus will be held on March 28 or 29. This was announced by Deputy Permanent Representative of the United States to the UN Robert Wood. The demand to convene an extraordinary meeting of the UN Security Council yesterday, March 26, was put forward by Ukraine.

“The meeting will take place tomorrow or Wednesday,” Mr. Wood told reporters (quoted by TASS).

In a statement dated March 26, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry stated the need to prevent the deployment of Russian tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus, and also called on the permanent members of the UN Security Council – Great Britain, China, the United States and France – to counter Russia’s “nuclear cargo”. The United States does not yet see signs of Russian deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus. France called on the Russian Federation to reconsider its decision.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Russia’s plans to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus on March 25. The nuclear weapons storage facility in the republic will be completed by July 1, the Russian president said. The head of state explained that the reason, among other things, was the plans of Great Britain to supply shells with depleted uranium to Ukraine. This, the president believes, is “one way or another connected with nuclear technology.” The Kremlin stressed that they would not change their position on this issue.

About the reaction of Western countries to Putin’s statement – in the material “Kommersant” “Weapon of mass self-persuasion”.

Lusine Balasyan


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