The tutor told how to avoid stress on the eve of the exam

On the last day before the exam, you need not to load the brain and let it relax. This recommendation was made to the agency Russian language tutor Veronika Smoler.

According to her, on the eve of the exam, you need to have a little rest, but it is still impossible to repeat the entire school curriculum in one day.

“Do not try to stuff a little of everything into yourself, do not litter your mind with hastily snatched information from textbooks and manuals. So you only create chaos in the system that you built before preparing for the exam, ” the teacher warned.

If experiences and anxiety do not give rest, you can decide on control measuring materials (CMM) on the subject that will be taken tomorrow, the expert advised.

According to Smoler, you need to treat this as a dress rehearsal: take your time, set a timer on your phone and create conditions as close as possible to the real exam.

“Third advice: get enough sleep. Scientists have proven that a small amount of sleep negatively affects a person’s cognitive abilities. With lack of sleep, it is more difficult to think and concentrate, ” the tutor said.

Previously, students were advised to pull up difficult topics while there are still a couple of weeks before the exams. Graduates were advised to devote this time to additional studies and repeat everything again.

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