The truck forced the passenger car off the roadway while overtaking on the highway near Novosibirsk


The trucker chose the wrong moment to overtake on the highway between Novosibirsk and Omsk, almost causing an accident. However, the situation is not so clear NHS.

At the disposal of the publication were shots from the scene, which were provided by the driver of the passenger car. On them you can see how the truck is overtaking, but the maneuver did not go according to plan. As a result, the truck began to return to its lane before overtaking was complete and almost sent the sedan into a ditch.

It is worth noting that the driver of the heavy truck took such a step out of hopelessness, as another truck was approaching him. Experts say that contrary to the unspoken rules, the passenger car did not slow down to let the trucker go ahead.

However, the human factor still does not outweigh the law. According to the document, the driver of the truck, who was not convinced of the safety of the maneuver, will be the culprit.


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