The traffic police most often stops tinted cars with an abundance of stickers

The attention of traffic police officers is most often attracted to cars that clearly stand out from the general flow of vehicles. According to automotive expert Yegor Vasilyev, differences can be expressed both in the appearance of the car and in the behavior of the driver.

AT conversation with the Prime agency, the specialist noticed that tinted cars with an abundance of stickers and “pseudo-sport tuning elements” stand out. The risk is also high for machines with obvious signs of malfunction. The chances of communicating with the traffic police also increase with a loud exhaust, a dirty body and windows, tires out of season.

“And if your car is equipped with power bumpers, trunks and winches not provided by the automaker, then frequent meetings with traffic police officers are practically a foregone conclusion. The same applies to lighting devices. Various tuning headlights definitely violate the law and negatively affect safety,” — Vasiliev warned.

The behavior of the driver and his driving style also attracts attention. Excessive aggressiveness or, conversely, too modest behavior on the road is a sign that the car owner has something to hide, Vasiliev said, emphasizing that the trained eye of a policeman will immediately highlight such a driver in the traffic flow.


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