The topic is inflated: military expert Pylaev assessed the danger of mining the Baltic Sea of ​​the Finnish Navy

44 / Aulo Aasmaa / CC BY 3.0 / Aulo Aasmaa / CC BY 3.0

The Polish edition Defense24 published materials about the exercises of the Finnish Naval Forces (Navy) in the Baltic Sea, part of which was the installation of sea mines. According to the authors of the publication, during the maneuvers, the Finnish military worked out the blocking of ships that follow from St. Petersburg and back.

Editor-in-Chief of the Expert Union magazine, military expert Alexander Pylaev in the comment FAN explained why he considers the topic bloated.

“Mining exercises always involve blocking anything. There is no mining in the interests of fishing. If there is a navy, it is working out the operation of mining – this is normal. From the fact that Finland aspires to NATO, this gives additional political weight to how they work it out. This is the Baltic Sea, there are no other seas, they work out there. You just need to keep this in mind, not to go there, not to blow up mines – that would be strange. We are also working on. I think the topic is overblown, I don’t think it’s worth worrying about. Everything that they put in, everything will be removed, ”said the source of the FAN.

Earlier it was reported that Finland sent about 20 troops to the UK. Their goal is to participate in the training program for militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


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