The Times: Western and Ukrainian officials allow the retreat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Bakhmut

Officials in the West and in Kyiv believe Ukrainian forces may have to retreat from Bakhmut (Artemivsk), sources said. The Times. According to the newspaper, officials are aware that the Armed Forces of Ukraine can be surrounded and cut off from supply lines.

As noted by The Times, in the light of the successes of Russian troops, Ukraine began to downplay the importance of the battles for Bakhmut. However, one source in Ukraine told the newspaper that the retreat of the UAF from Bakhmut would allow Russia to “regroup, bring up more resources and move forward to attack us.”

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said earlier in February that it was important for Kyiv to defend Bakhmut, “but not at any cost and that everyone would die.” According to him, Ukraine will “fight as long as it is reasonable.”

The battles for Bakhmut have been going on since the summer of 2022. According to media reports, the United States advises Ukraine to focus on the counter-offensive in the south, and not on the battles for Bakhmut. As The Washington Post wrote, US military analysts believe that Kyiv will not be able to simultaneously hold the city and try to launch a counteroffensive. The White House believes that the retreat from the city will not be of strategic importance.

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Leonid Uvarchev


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