The threats to the national security of Belarus will include organizations calling for a civil war

MINSK, 26 Feb – In the draft of the updated concept of national security of Belarus, criminal terrorist organizations that promote the outbreak of a civil war on the territory of the republic, as well as “traitors, traitors, saboteurs” are classified as threats. boss Information and Analytical Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Belarus Artem Butorin.
Belarus has prepared an updated draft concept of the country’s national security, which, after discussion, will be submitted for consideration by the All-Belarusian People’s Assembly. State Secretary of the country’s Security Council Alexander Volfovich stated that the concept of national security has been updated by more than 70% and takes into account the changes that have occurred in more than 10 years in the military-political situation in the region.
“For the first time, a subjective approach has been applied. If earlier we interpreted sources of threat (national security – ed.) as a combination of factors, … now we also track subjects that have some interests, intentions, including destructive ones, in relation to our state We now refer to the sources of threats as those criminal terrorist organizations that promote the unleashing of a civil war on the territory of Belarus, call for war, “said a representative of the General Staff in an interview with the STV channel.
According to him, “subjects such as traitors, traitors, saboteurs have appeared who, by their actions or inaction, cause direct damage to the military security of Belarus.”
Among external sources of threats, Butorin named, along with “traditionally unfriendly countries and military-political blocs,” non-state actors, in particular, international terrorist organizations and entities abroad that “finance preparations for war in Belarus.”

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