The third convoy with the military and military equipment of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, which helped Italy in the fight against coronavirus, advanced from to the airport of , the Russian Ministry of Defense reports.

“The third convoy with military personnel and special equipment of the combined detachment of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, which performed tasks to assist the Italian Republic in combating the spread of coronavirus infection, began to march from the temporary deployment center in Bergamo to the Villafranca airport in Verona,” the statement says message.

It is noted that the IL-76 aircraft of the military transport aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces will deliver personnel and equipment to Russia. On May 10, it is planned to make two flights and deliver to Russia 14 military personnel and 4 units of special military equipment.

Since March 22, 15 aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces arrived in Italy with military virologists and experts from the Ministry of Defense in the field of epidemiology. They brought eight medical teams to the Apennines to fight against coronavirus, as well as equipment for diagnostics and disinfection measures.