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The tank hero got out of the burning tank, fought off the enemies and returned to his


One of the crew members of a Russian tank during a special operation in Ukraine miraculously managed to survive in a burning car, and after that he was also able to return to the battlefield.

This amazing case of military prowess was told in an interview with the RT agency by the commander of the tank hero, Colonel of the Armed Forces (AF) of Russia Ivan Shits.

According to him, we are talking about a driver who could not be evacuated from a damaged combat vehicle. His comrades considered him dead, but a day later the tanker himself returned to the positions of the Russian troops.

The escaped hero said that he was able to get out of the burning tank on his own, although at the same time he lost consciousness several times due to smoke. At the same time, Ukrainian nationalists began to fire at him with grenade launchers.

“He fired back with four magazines, crawled to the trench line, and fired back from there. RPG grenades have already begun to work on it. I rested up and crawled to our units during the night, ”the colonel said.

As reported EADailyearlier a video was circulated on the Internet, which shows how a Russian soldier throws grenades from his trench, which fall on him from a Ukrainian drone.

Later it turned out that the heroic soldier was an infantryman from the 138th separate motorized rifle brigade, which is stationed in the Leningrad region. He received shrapnel wounds, but survived.

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