The Taiwanese army set fire during a military exercise. Video


    A fire broke out in Taiwan during an artillery exercise on August 5. About it reported the publication UDN.

    The fire broke out when the army practiced maneuvers in the village of Dongying. The exact cause of the incident is unknown. The hill behind Sanjia village is believed to have caught fire, either from flares or tracer fire.

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    The flame spread quickly, so there was concern that houses and hotels that are nearby could be damaged.

    The firefighters did not have enough water to put out the fire, but after the arrival of an additional piece of special equipment, they successfully coped with the task. No one was hurt, residential buildings remained intact.

    Earlier, China also staged military exercises off the coast of Taiwan after a visit to the island by Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi. Thus, the state wanted to intimidate the enemy and show its greatness, experts say.

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