The system for assessing the degree of “Russianness” of the automotive industry was proposed to be changed

Vedomosti: The Ministry of Industry and Trade will make changes to the scoring system for the localization of the automotive industry

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In Russia, they decided to revise the system for assessing the localization of cars and focus on the source of auto components, rather than stamping body parts or painting cars. This was reported Vedomosti.

The point system was introduced in 2019. It was made an indicator of the “Russianness” of the cars that were assembled in the country, and one of the reasons for the participation of companies that signed a special investment contract in public procurement and demand support programs. The maximum number of points was seven thousand, of which 1.5 thousand were given for welding and painting the body, stamping its parts from domestic metal.

Two sources of the publication said that the Ministry of Industry and Trade began to work on changes to this system. Officials decided to give less points for painting and welding, and more for the localization of components.

Industry representatives took this prospect without optimism. One of the manufacturers said that traditional components would be deducted a thousand points instead of new ones. He warned that because of this, some manufacturers will not be able to issue a full refund of the recycling fee, which means they will raise the prices of their cars.

In October 2022, they began selling the domestic Evolute electric car manufactured in Lipetsk. The Kama company announced in 2025 the start of serial production of another line of Russian electric vehicles – Atom.


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