The Swiss Parliament saw the possibility of re-exporting weapons to Ukraine

The Security Policy Commission of the Council of Cantons and the National Council (small and large chambers of parliament) of Switzerland stated that the re-export of weapons to Ukraine is possible subject to certain conditions. How clarifies Tages-Anzeiger, it is necessary to develop an appropriate bill.

Under current regulations, Switzerland should not send weapons, even indirectly, if another state bought the equipment from it and transferred it to the war zone. In the event of a transaction, the parties sign a so-called non-re-export declaration. At the same time, the Swiss Federal Council may limit the validity of the declaration to five years in some cases. These include a situation where the country that receives the weapons does not seriously violate human rights. It is also important that there is no risk of weapons being used against civilians. This also includes the situation when the country is not involved in an internal or international armed conflict.

“Re-export to a belligerent state would be possible if it exercised its own right to self-defense in accordance with international law, which should be established by the UN General Assembly and the UN Security Council. The latter is unlikely due to the veto power of the permanent members of the Security Council,” notes the edition.

The amendments will be applied retroactively. Meanwhile, the head of the National Council Commission, Werner Salzmann, stressed that a fundamental decision has been made, but it needs to be studied whether it is compatible with the neutral status of Switzerland. According to him, the initiative will be discussed in the Council of Cantons not earlier than next year.


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