The Sverdlovsk woman was outraged by the catastrophic condition of the road near the house. Photo, video

Road repair on the street.  Maltsev.  Mound, dirt road, muddy shoes, muddy shoes

In Tavda (Sverdlovsk region), a resident spoke about the terrible state of the road near her house. She spoke about this in one of the telegram channels.

“The road on the streets of Matrosova and Kosmicheskaya is a nightmare, you walk and are afraid that once again you will fall into the ground. Every night they pull out one or the other car. It is impossible for an elderly person or a child to walk. It’s impossible to leave the house anywhere, you take a step and your leg falls through, and it’s simply impossible to go out with children, ”Anna said in the PRO city of Tavda telegram channel.

The resident said that there are open hatches near her house, which also pose a danger. “The manhole near my house is open, are they waiting for someone to fall in there?” – added Sverdlovsk.

A URA.RU correspondent sent a request to the administration of the Tavdinsky District. At the time of publication, no response had been received.


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