The Sverdlovsk region became the leader in the ranking of water pollution

Colored water at the embassy.  Ekaterinburg, environmental pollution, Iset river, emissions, sewage discharge, ecology

The Sverdlovsk region topped the ranking of regions in terms of the number of cases of water pollution. In 2022, 514 cases of high pollution and 133 cases of extremely high pollution were recorded here – this is more than a quarter of all high and extremely high pollution of fresh waters across the country, the FinExpertiza audit and consulting network told URA.RU.

“The largest number of high and extremely high pollution in 2022 was detected in the water bodies of the Sverdlovsk region (647 cases, of which: 514 high pollution — the Tobol, Kama, Ob river basins, small water bodies; 133 extremely high pollution — the Chernaya, Taltiya, Salda and 20 others). Due to the abundance of industrial enterprises, the ecology of the region traditionally experiences a significant burden,” the authors of the study said.

In second place after the Sverdlovsk region is the Murmansk region, followed by the Moscow and Novgorod regions, KhMAO, Smolensk and Chelyabinsk regions. Most often, water was polluted with compounds of manganese, zinc (268 cases), easily oxidized organic substances (glucose, maltose, proteins, lower aliphatic alcohols, etc.; 257 cases) and other harmful substances.


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