The Sverdlovsk citizen, who was crawling on his knees to the doctor’s office, wrote down the appeal. Video

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A man who crawled on all fours to the doctor’s office in the emergency room in Kamensk-Uralsky (Sverdlovsk region) explained his act. According to him, he simply did not see the need to ask for help from the medical staff. The Sverdlovsk citizen recorded his act on a video, which was provided to URA.RU in the press service of the medical institution.

“I thought that the minor injury was to the legs, and decided not to call an ambulance. We arrived in our own transport. Well, just as I climbed into the car at the dacha, got on my knees, so here I thought that I would get to the emergency room. On my knees, I kind of crawled. Then they gave me a wheelchair. And in principle, I have no complaints about some kind of humiliation or something else. There are no complaints against doctors,” says the patient in the video.

When asked how this story got into the media, the man said that it was the fault of his brother. “My brother filmed this moment. And from something he took it and laid it out, although I told him not to spread it. So hit this video. Although here there are no complaints from the medical staff. They provided a wheelchair, x-rayed, and given a painkiller injection. We were already convinced back to the car with a wheelchair through the ramp rolled out into the car. We calmly sat down and went to the City Hospital No. 2. In principle, there are no complaints against doctors, ”the man concluded.

Earlier, URA.RU wrote that a video began to be actively distributed on social networks, in which a patient of the emergency room in Kamensk-Uralsky crawls on his knees to the doctor’s office. Then relatives said that the doctors refused to provide the patient with a wheelchair. The video caused a strong public reaction. The regional Ministry of Health organized an audit based on the information received. Later, law enforcement agencies joined the analysis of the incident.

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