The suspect in the murder in the Podolsky cafe said that he did not know the son of the deputy of the State Duma Ivanyuzhenkov

Alexander Schastny, a suspect in the murder in a Podolsk cafe, said that he did not know the son of State Duma deputy Boris Ivanyuzhenkov Anton, with whom, according to some information, the police could communicate on the night of the crime. Video from the courtroom, where a preventive measure is being chosen for Schastnoy, publishes SHOT.

“I don’t know this person” Schastny answered the question whether Anton Ivanyuzhenkov was in the bar.

According to the man, in the institution where the murder took place, he rested with a friend. Alexander refused to answer the question why he decided to confess to the murder, and also did not tell how he committed it. At the same time, the man said that he repented. The court arrested him for two months.

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