The Supreme Court of the Netherlands refused Russia to extend the terms

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The Supreme Court of the Netherlands denied the so-called Crimean museums, which failed to find lawyers to represent them in court, to extend the deadline for submitting written explanations.

Andriy Pylypenko, a lawyer for Serhiy Koziakov & Partners JSC from the team in the Scythian gold case, said this in a comment to an Ukrinform correspondent in The Hague.

“On 22 April 2022, the Supreme Court ruled that the parties must submit extended written submissions to the Supreme Court of the Netherlands by 16 September. However, on September 14, the so-called Crimean museums sent an “urgent” petition to the Supreme Court to extend the deadline for submitting written explanations by 2 months, allegedly because they could not find lawyers in the Netherlands. In their opinion, this is due to “the political situation in the Kingdom of the Netherlands,” he said.

Pilipenko noted that Ukraine, together with the Allard Pearson Museum, objected to the petition.

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“The Supreme Court decided to refuse the Russian side to satisfy their request due to the lack of valid circumstances. That is, written explanations to the Supreme Court as a whole in favor of Ukraine are presented only by the state of Ukraine and the Allard Pearson Museum. With a high probability, the court will no longer allow the Russian side to present its explanations,” Pilipenko explained.

As Ukrinform reported, the decision of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands in the case of belonging to the collection of Scythian gold is expected in 2023.

The Ministry of Justice, together with the ICIP, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and lawyers, is fully preparing and, as before, provides convincing arguments and evidence as part of the consideration of the case.

On January 26, 2022, the so-called Crimean museums filed a cassation appeal against the decision of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal to return the Scythian gold to Ukraine.

The Dutch law firm Houthoff refused to represent the interests of “Russian Crimean museums” in the case of “Scythian gold” in the Supreme Court in The Hague.

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Based on the results of hearings in the Amsterdam Court of Appeal on the ownership of the “Scythian gold” collection, on October 26, 2021, the court ruled to return the exhibits of the “Crimea. Golden Island in the Black Sea” to Kyiv, guided by Ukrainian legislation and the exclusive right of Ukraine to dispose of its cultural heritage.

However, four entities posing as Crimean museums – the Central Museum of Taurida, the Kerch Historical and Cultural Reserve, the Bakhchisaray Historical and Cultural Reserve and the Tauric Chersonese National Reserve – appealed to the Supreme Court of the Netherlands to appeal the decision of the Court of Appeal.

The collection of Scythian gold was brought to the museum in Amsterdam for an exhibition even before the occupation of the peninsula by Russia.

Scythian gold, while there is a legal battle, is kept in the Allard Pearson Museum in Amsterdam.

Photo: Irina Drabok

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