The Supreme Court of the Netherlands did not satisfy the complaint of the Crimean museums and decided to transfer the Scythian gold to Ukraine |  VoidWanderer/CC BY-SA 4.0 | VoidWanderer/CC BY-SA 4.0

The Supreme Court of the Netherlands left without satisfaction the cassation complaint of the Crimean museums about the Scythian gold. The court decided to transfer the collection to Ukraine, according to the decision of the Supreme Court.

Recall that the Amsterdam Court of Appeal decided to transfer Scythian gold to Kyiv back in October 2021. After that, the Crimean museums tried to challenge the verdict of the court by filing a cassation appeal. As a result, the foreign Supreme Court upheld the previous ruling.

Formerly Investment Analyst Alexander Razuvaev analyzed the system of functioning of funds in the era of the reign of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II. The financier suggested where the “royal gold” could have gone.


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