The Supreme Court decided to reconsider the case of a money transfer error of 1 million

The Supreme Court (SC) of Russia decided to reconsider the case of a client of Tinkoff Bank, who mistakenly transferred 1 million rubles. to a stranger. This is stated in the ruling of the judicial panel for civil cases (.pdf).

The case file states that Anna Ivanova, a resident of Kazan, took out a loan for renovations in her apartment and, while transferring money to a worker through an ATM, made a mistake in the number in the recipient’s phone number. 1 million rub. was transferred to the account of a man she did not know at Sberbank.

Sberbank reported that it was impossible to return the money, and Roman Zaitsev, who received a million by mistake, withdrew all funds from the card. In response to the lawsuit, Mr. Zaitsev said that he did not use the Sberbank card. The courts of the first, appellate and cassation instances rejected Anna Ivanova’s claim because she was unable to provide evidence of the transfer of money.

The Supreme Court did not agree with previous decisions, citing Article 1102 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation – it obliges a person who received money without legal grounds to return all funds. The case was sent for review to the court of first instance.

Petr Buzlaev

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