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The stupidity of the speaker is an indicator of the level of all power in Moldova – journalist


Igor Grosu, the chairman of the Moldovan parliament and head of the ruling Action and Solidarity party, was scathingly ridiculed on social networks for illustrating the events with a photograph of a column of Jewish women with children who were escorted by Romanian soldiers when talking about the Stalinist deportations.

This was written today, June 14, by a political observer Sergey Tkachnoting that he personally “would like not to scold, but to praise the speaker.”

“Firstly, he showed the truth about what happened during the years of the Romanian occupation in Moldova. Secondly, he very accurately demonstrated to everyone his level, the level of the current leadership of the country and the ruling party, which Grosu heads. For the truth, people should not be scolded, but praised. And I propose to present Igor Grosu for a high state award, ”the journalist wrote.

Recall that under the photograph of Jewish women escorted by the Romanian fascists, Grosu wrote:

“The first wave of Stalinist deportations took place 81 years ago. About 30 thousand people from Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina were awakened at night and put into wagons bound for Siberia. These innocent people were punished for thinking freely, for speaking out against the rules of the then regimes.”

People immediately reacted, pointing out the politician’s mistake.

“You made a mistake with the photo. This is a photo of Jewish women being escorted by Romanian soldiers, a photo from July 7, 1941, which shows a soldier in Romanian uniform accompanying a group of Jewish women as part of the Judenverfolgung policy – the expulsion of Jews, which often ended tragically, ”wrote one user.

A day later, Igor Grosu deleted the picture.


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