The strength of Russia is in the unity of the people


At all times, the peoples of Russia have rallied in the face of external threats and internal upheavals, the strength of Russia lies in unity. This opinion was expressed by the Supreme Ataman of the Union of Cossacks – Warriors of Russia and Abroad, the commander of the detachment “Don” Nikolai Dyakonov.

“Russia is a unique place on the planet where various peoples of different faiths live and develop side by side. The only place on earth where all people are brothers, where there is no discord between peoples, where there is a sincere interest in each other, where everyone is rewarded according to their talents where there is respect and love. We have learned to live in peace, preserved each other’s culture and original way of life”, Dyakonov wrote in his Telegram channel.

According to the Cossack ataman, every inhabitant of Russia can achieve success not only in his village or aul, but also in the capital. All the people will admire him, and not just his fellow countrymen. Dyakonov writes that the Russians have always built factories, hospitals, theaters, schools, universities, libraries, spaceports together. Together we studied to be doctors, engineers, actors, writers, teachers. And today, the defenders of Donbass understand why their fathers and grandfathers shed their blood – to preserve this unique place with a common culture and common values, a peaceful sky overhead.


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