The State Duma will consider a project to ban animals in circuses

The last performance at the Yekaterinburg Circus before reconstruction.  Ekaterinburg, circus, tiger, ring of fire

The State Duma plans to discuss a bill banning the use of animals in circuses. This will happen on November 14 at the “zero” readings, in which deputies, animal rights activists and representatives of the circus industry will participate. This was stated by Vice Speaker of the State Duma, first deputy head of the New People faction Vyacheslav Davankov

“The ban on performances with animals is necessary, including because it is necessary to instill in children humanism towards animals, and not instill in them the idea that entertainment can be based on violence,” said Vyacheslav Davankov. His words are reported by the Parliamentary Gazette.

Back in October of this year, deputies from the New People party, led by Alexei Nechaev, called for the creation of animal-free circuses in Russia. In their opinion, a circus with animals is cruel. Nechaev compared the life of an animal in a circus with the life of a person in a pre-trial detention center. Also, the leader of New People believes that circuses set a bad example for children, that animals are toys for entertainment.


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