The State Duma will ban the activities of magicians in Russia

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The State Duma plans to create a bill that will prohibit the activities of magicians in Russia. This was announced by State Duma deputy Alexander Spiridonov (ER).

“On the prohibition of the activities of “sorcerers, witches and other charlatans”. <...> The bill will be prepared with the support of the Patriarchal Commission on Family Issues, Protection of Motherhood and Childhood,” Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports Spiridonov’s words. The politician added that, according to representatives of the State Duma, a ban on the work of magicians in the Russian Federation will help the country’s budget receive new taxes. According to him, instead of such “regulation of magic,” maximum efforts should be directed to the development of the scientific sphere and education in the country.

Earlier, despite the official cancellation, a magic festival was held in Perm. They wanted to cancel it due to pressure from the rector of the Peter and Paul Cathedral in Perm, Priest Sergius Karmashev, and representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church. The festival was timed to coincide with the fifth anniversary of the Two Broomsticks workshop.


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