The State Duma proposed to send payments from Western films to the SVO fund

State Duma deputy: cinemas should send payments from Western films to the SVO support fund

Domestic cinemas should be required to send payments from Western films not to their copyright holders, but to a fund to support participants in the special operation, a Russian State Duma deputy said on March 27 Sultan Khamzaev (“United Russia”) in an interview with RIA Novosti.




According to the parliamentarian, Western cinema has left Russia. Therefore, Khamzaev believes, all the payments that cinemas used to send to all kinds of Western copyright holders should have been sent to a fund to support participants in the NWO for a long time.

This measure, the deputy said, can bring double benefits – cinemas will increase the number of films shown, and the state, as a regulator, “will show the vector”.

“We will literally support a special military operation with Western sanctions”– said Khamzaev.

Recall that the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev believes that Russia should use pirated copies of Western programs, films and other content and not pay for licenses. In his opinion, the use of unlicensed copies is a response to anti-Russian sanctions.

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