The State Duma proposed to increase the limit of insurance transactions without identification

Anatoly Aksakov.
© Igor Samokhvalov/PG

Anatoly Aksakov, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on the Financial Market, submitted a bill to the relevant departments for approval, proposing to increase the threshold from 15 to 70 thousand rubles, at which it is not necessary to identify customers when purchasing all types of insurance products. This was reported by Interfax, which managed to get acquainted with the text of the document.

The authors of the bill noted that the minimum amount of transactions for which identification is not carried out has not changed for a long time. Taking into account the inflationary factor, the adoption of the bill will allow setting a threshold corresponding to the current level of inflation, the explanatory note says.

Now the threshold for all types of insurance is 15 thousand rubles. From June 29, it will grow to 40 thousand rubles under the OSAGO and CASCO agreements.

In early May, Anatoly Aksakov and Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Nikolai Zhuravlev submitted a bill to the State Duma proposing to raise the limits on insurance contracts from 15 to 40 thousand rubles, in respect of which it will not be necessary to identify the client. “Today, inflation has eaten away those 15,000 a long time ago. And it is obvious that it is necessary to increase the threshold value, ”Aksakov explained the meaning of the document.

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