The State Duma proposed to audit all bomb shelters in Russia

State Duma deputy Sergei Kolunov told the agency NEWS.ruthat in Russia it is necessary to check all bomb shelters. He added that it might be worth developing a verification system for private bunkers as well, which could be carried out in agreement with the owner.

“It is necessary to check all the bomb shelters in the country, all the mechanisms, protection systems, which bunker protects against what. If necessary, repair, modernize, the deputy said.

Kolunov added that if citizens want to build their own bomb shelter, they can do it on their own land plots, on the territory of households. At the same time, it is necessary to understand that this is a structure to which a whole list of requirements is presented.

“Of course, there is no mechanism for checking such personal bomb shelters, and such facilities will never be objects of the country’s strategic security. Perhaps, for the sake of personal safety of citizens, it is worth proposing a system of voluntary inspection of such “home” bomb shelters as construction objects of particular complexity, ” – summed up the people’s choice.

Retired colonel and military commentator Viktor Litovkin for his part, he told the publication that bomb shelters are an essential element in protecting the life and health of citizens, they should be ready “just in case.”

According to him, shelters may be needed not only during the war. We are also talking about earthquakes, floods and man-made disasters. At the same time, Litovkin added that the bomb shelters were sold out in the 1990s.

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