The State Duma proposed the creation of a Fund to support special economic zones

The State Duma proposed the creation of a Fund to support special economic zones

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State Duma deputies are considering the possibility of creating a Fund for the development and support of industrial parks and industrial technoparks. This proposal will be included in the legislative initiative to support special economic zones, Denis Kravchenko, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy, told Parliamentary Gazeta.

The main goal of the Fund will be to provide financial support in the form of co-financing the costs of management companies for the construction, reconstruction and overhaul of the infrastructure of parks, as well as the provision of consulting services regarding the implementation of projects for the creation and development of industrial parks and industrial technoparks.

“The source of funding can be subsidies from the federal budget in the amount of 30 percent of tax payments to the federal budget of residents of all existing industrial parks and industrial technology parks included in the register of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade,” said Denik Kravchenko.

In addition, the deputies want to accelerate the launch of an industrial mortgage program for the construction of industrial buildings secured by a building under construction, as well as to support municipal industrial parks in the construction and reconstruction of infrastructure.

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