Home World News The State Duma prepared amendments to address the issue of homeless animals

The State Duma prepared amendments to address the issue of homeless animals

The State Duma prepared amendments to address the issue of homeless animals

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On June 14, the State Duma working group on developing proposals for improving legislation on the responsible treatment of animals will present amendments to bills that will allow regions to effectively solve the problem of stray animals. This was announced by the first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Ecology, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Vladimir Burmatov, TASS reports.

The first set of amendments is planned to be introduced by the second reading of the draft law, allowing regional authorities to determine additional requirements for keeping and walking pets. This initiative was adopted in the first reading in December last year. The amendments prepared for the second reading expand the powers of the regions in terms of establishing a ban on self-walking and fines for it.

“In addition, regions will be given the opportunity to limit the release of animals from shelters at their discretion, that is, leave them there to survive,” Burmatov emphasized.

In addition, it is supposed to limit the places where animals can be released freely. For example, it will not be possible to do this near socially significant objects, children’s, educational and medical institutions, as well as objects of increased danger.

It is also planned to oblige the Government to prepare guidelines for the regions on the treatment of stray animals if their behavior threatens the life and health of citizens. This includes instructions on how regions should respond to flocks of stray animals.

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Amendments have also been prepared for the second reading of the bill, which establishes new fines in the Code of Administrative Offenses. This document, developed by Burmatov together with the Chairman of the State Duma Committee on State Construction and Legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov, was adopted in the first reading also in December 2021. It, among other things, implies fines for non-compliance with the requirements for keeping pets and leaving them without an owner in the amount of up to three thousand rubles for citizens, up to 15 thousand rubles for officials, up to 30 thousand rubles for legal entities.

“Fines for officials for non-compliance with the law on the treatment of animals will amount to 200 thousand rubles. For irresponsible owners, the bites of animals that they do not monitor are the same. This is if no one died and there is no serious harm to health. If a tragedy happens, criminal liability,” Burmatov wrote on his Telegram channel.

The parliamentarian expressed hope that the State Duma would adopt the relevant bills before the end of the spring session in the second and third readings.

Earlier, answering questions from citizens, the parliamentarian said that Russia will never have taxes on pets. According to him, this does not correspond to the traditional attitude towards animals and their ownership that has developed in the country.


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