The State Duma predicted a reduction in gasoline prices in Russia

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In Russia there are prerequisites for reducing the cost of gasoline. Artem Kiryanov, deputy chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee on Economic Policy, stated this in a conversation with URA.RU. According to him, if the dynamics of price increases continue, the authorities will move to manual regulation.

“If the dynamics of price increases continue, the state will apply manual regulation methods and ensure the necessary price level for the functioning of the economy. There are all the prerequisites for gasoline prices to decline. In this sense, there are no grounds for systemic concern yet,” said Artem Kiryanov.

The parliamentarian noted that the authorities have already developed a set of tools to regulate fuel prices. “This is not the first time, nor the first year, that prices for gasoline and petroleum products are rising. Accordingly, a certain regulatory toolkit has accumulated. This is an approach within the framework of actions of executive authorities, on the one hand. On the other hand, this is support for those industries that are needed for the national economy and are highly dependent on gasoline and diesel fuel. In particular, this is everything related to agricultural activities, the agro-industrial complex,” the politician concluded.

Earlier it became known that the exchange price of Regular-92 gasoline in the European part of Russia following trading on Friday for the first time exceeded 70 thousand rubles per ton. This indicator has updated its historical maximum.

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