The State Duma introduced a bill on fines for noise from cars

The Moscow City Duma submitted a draft amendment to the Code of Administrative Responsibility for consideration by the State Duma. The document proposes to give the regions the right to set fines for the use of noisy cars or motorcycles. Text published in the Duma electronic database.

Drivers are now facing a warning or a 500 ruble administrative fine for traffic noise.

Such a fine for persons who can only spend on modifying the engine and exhaust system of their vehicle or installing a powerful sound reproducing system from several tens of thousands to a million rubles or more seems clearly insufficient.“, – said the authors of the initiative.

They also stressed that the problem of increased noise from cars, motorcycles, ATVs and other vehicles has become one of the most important, especially for million-plus cities. It is proposed to allow the introduction of fines in the amount of more than five thousand rubles. And also allow you to fix the violation with the help of sound level meters.


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