The State Duma increased the state duty for issuing foreign passports – Kommersant

The State Duma adopted in the third reading a law providing for indexation of state duties for issuing foreign passports and documents for foreigners. If the law is adopted, the cost will increase from January 1, 2024.

The state fee for issuing a new generation passport (with an electronic storage medium) will increase from 5,000 rubles. up to 6000, and for children under 14 years old – up to 3000 rubles.

The issuance of a refugee travel document and registration of a foreign citizen at the place of residence in Russia will increase from 350 to 420 rubles. The state fee for issuing and extending a Russian visa will rise to 1,200 rubles.

The cost of issuing a residence permit will be 6,000 rubles, and obtaining an entry permit for a foreign citizen will cost 800 rubles. A temporary residence permit will cost 1,920 rubles.

The fee for issuing permits to employ foreigners will increase to 12,000 rubles, and a work permit for foreign citizens will cost 4,200 rubles. Acceptance and renunciation of Russian citizenship will cost the same amount.

The government notes that increasing duties will increase the revenue side of the federal budget.

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