The State Duma Committee supported the project on access of security forces to databases for their modification

The State Duma Committee on Information Policy supported the government bill, according to which the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB, FSO and a number of other structures may receive the right to correct or close information about their employees in databases. The Committee recommended that the Duma adopt the document in the first reading.

As noted in the draft law, law enforcement officers will send a request to the operator to provide them with access to personal data information systems so that the data can be clarified, extracted, anonymized, blocked or deleted.

“The bill is designed to solve the current problem of protecting the personal data of intelligence officers and law enforcement agencies, information about which should be protected from any additional interest,” emphasized Alexander Khinshtein, head of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy (quoted by “Parliamentary newspaper”).

In addition, according to the document, from March 1, 2026, it is proposed to prohibit the operation of state, municipal and other information systems included in the register, to which, within six months from the date of entry into the register, measures have not been taken to ensure access to them by law enforcement agencies.

During the public discussion of the bill, it was criticized by the Big Data Association (BDA, unites Yandex, VK, Rostelecom, MegaFon, etc.). In her opinion, the direct access of law enforcement agencies to information systems, which the government plans to introduce to protect “significant personal data,” will violate their integrity and create a threat for businesses to violate other laws.

Read more in the Kommersant article “These bases – who needs bases.”

Alexander Kislov

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