"The state did not take place": Ukraine recognized helplessness without Russia

Monument of Independence of Ukraine in Kiev - 1920, 11/26/2021

MOSCOW, 26 Nov – Ukraine in the near future may go to rapprochement with Russia if the West refuses to finance Kiev, wrote in an article for the publication “Glavred“analyst Alexander Kochetkov.
Speaking about the upcoming meeting of Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, the author of the publication admitted that the Russian leader would demand from Washington to force the Kiev authorities to comply with the Minsk agreements. In his opinion, Moscow may not need to look for “an offer that the United States cannot refuse.”
“Yes, she doesn’t really need to look for such an offer for Washington, because today Ukraine itself is slowly sliding towards Russia: we have a lot of problems, soon Europe and the United States will stop giving us money, and then the only one who has money and who wants to Russia will deal with us in exchange for the fulfillment of political conditions, “Kochetkov said.
The expert concluded that now Kiev is not ready to comply with the agreements of “Minsk”, since this would mean “abandonment of Ukraine as such” and the loss of “relative independence.”
The Russian Foreign Ministry is thoroughly preparing the meeting between Presidents Putin and Biden, said earlier the Deputy Minister of the Ministry Sergei Ryabkov. According to Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Ukraine will also be discussed at a possible meeting of the presidents.

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