The State Department has banned discussions of Ukraine at the summit where the United States will meet with the Russian Federation

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Russia, together with the United States, will take part in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in San Francisco (California). At the upcoming meeting, talk about settling the hostilities between the Russian Federation and Ukraine was excluded, said the head of the State Department press service, Matthew Miller.

“Earlier this week I had meetings with fellow senior officials from Russia. And Russians will take part in various meetings this year [На саммите АТЭС], taking into account the laws and regulations of the United States, including those related to sanctions,” Matthew Miller said at a briefing for journalists. According to him, questions about military operations will not be discussed without the presence of Ukraine.

The American diplomat noted that the US authorities have made it clear their intentions regarding Ukraine and are not going to make any decisions regarding this situation. “The United States will discuss with partners options for further support for Ukraine,” he concluded.

Previously, the United States admitted that they and other Western countries do not have a strategy for war with Russia. Strategic military intelligence analyst Rebecca Koffler believes that there are no chances against the Russian Federation not only on several fronts, but even one on one.


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